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Knowledgeone Corporation gives you 'easy-to-use' tools and 'know-how' to retrieve, manage and share key content and knowledge - so that the right information goes to the right person at the right time. RecFind 6 is the complete Information Management system tool. RecFind 6 is also the complete Compliance Management tool. Using the DRM, you can configure RecFind 6 to meet any compliance standard.

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What do we do?

Information managers in government and private enterprise across the globe are empowered by the RecFind 6 product suite to more effectively manage their company's critical records, information, unstructured data, content and critical business processes. We have been providing scalable, stable and proven records and document information management systems to organizations world-wide since 1984 and have a long history of delivering first rate service and support for Records Management, Document Management, EDRMS, Email Management, Email Archiving and Compliance, Knowledge Management (KM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Imaging, Workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) applications.

How do we do it?

The core solution platform is our innovative and new genre RecFind 6 product suite. RecFind 6 is unique in the industry in that it was designed and engineered such that the customer can change almost anything, including the data model and any business process, without programming and without moving away from a 'standard' product able to receive regular updates from Knowledgeone Corporation. The same unique technology that allows you to configure RecFind 6 to your precise needs also makes it easy for you to configure RecFind 6 to solve multiple business problems. One copy of RecFind 6 happily runs multiple content management systems concurrently, for example, contracts management, asset management, email management, records management and help desk management. RecFind 6 is also multi-lingual, able to support any language and multiple languages concurrently.

So how does RecFind 6 actually work, how is it able to do all these wonderful things? PDF

RecFind 6 has been certified by the Public Records Office of Victoria (PROV) as fully VERS compliant. VERS is the world's most stringent electronic document compliance standard.

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