EDRMS Needs Analysis Survey

The following brief survey is designed to collect the basic information required for us to better understand your application requirements, especially for Electronic Document & Records Management (EDRMS). It is also useful in helping us to understand the changing requirements of existing customers.

The better we understand your needs, the better we can respond and propose the most appropriate and effective solution for your specific requirements.

We don't think that one size fits all and that is why we have developed so many different products and have created those products with a plethora of options.

If you are looking for an EDRMS or if you would like to make better use of our products and significantly increase your Return On Investment (ROI), please respond as best you can to the following survey and help us to help you.

We will analyze your needs based on your answers to the following survey and respond with a written recommendation on the best way forward for both new and existing customers. Our objective is to show how you can gain value from our products & services.

Note: We consider the following information to be non-confidential business information however if you are concerned please note that any information provided to K1 Corp remains confidential and is safeguarded in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Respondent's Details


1. Does your organization do physical Records Management? That is, do you manage paper, File Folders & Archive Boxes Yes No
2. Does your organization do Electronic Records Management? That is, do you manage Emails or Electronic Documents or Images Yes No
3. Does your organization do Document Imaging? Yes No
4. Does your organization do Workflow/Business Process Management? Yes No
5. Does your organization do Email Management and/or Email Archiving? Yes No
6. Does your organization do Complaints Management? Yes No
7. Does your organization do Help Desk Management? Yes No
8. Does your organization do Human Resources Management? Yes No
9. Does your organization do Contract Management? Yes No
10. Does your organization do Asset Management? Yes No
11. Does your organization do Customer Relationship Management? Yes No
12. Does your organization have 'legacy' applications it would like to re-implement? Yes No

Can you please list them below:

13. Does your organization have any other 'information management' type applications it would like to implement in a fast, easy and low cost way? Yes No

Can you please list them below:


Do you currently use any Knowledgeone Corporation products? Yes No

If yes, please tick the Knowledgeone Corp Products you currently use.

Please use the following link to our website for a detailed explanation of each product:


RecFind 6 RecFind 6 SDK
RecFind 6 Button Old RecFind Product
RecFind 6 GEM Old K1 Product
RecFind 6 RecCapture RecFind 6 HSSM
RecFind 6 RecScan RecFind 6 DocScan
RecFind 6 MINI API RecFind 6 Web Client
RecFind 6 SharePoint Integration

EDRMS Requirements

1. Do you need to manage physical Paper Documents, File Folders & Archive Boxes? Yes No
A) If so, how many active file folders do you have?
B) How many inactive file folders (i.e., stored in Archive Boxes) do you have?
C) Can you please provide a Xerox of a typical file folder front cover? Please redact any confidential information. Yes No
2. Do you do 'active' records management, that is, according to the Continuum model, managing records from creation to destruction or long term storage? Yes No
3. Do you need to track the requests for and movements of physical records (e.g., paper, file folders & archive boxes)?: Yes No
4. Do you do just 'late term' records management? That is, managing the 'boxing' of records by retention schedule or series for offsite storage. Yes No
5. Do you need to interface with a particular offsite storage company? Yes No
A) If so, which company?
6. Do you need to track records and boxes in an offsite storage location? Yes No
7. Do you assign barcode numbers to your file folders? Yes No
A) If so, please provide a couple of examples of the barcode numbers used.
8. Do you need to support wedge barcode readers (i.e., attaching to your desktop)? Yes No
9. Do you need to support portable barcode readers? Yes No
10. Do you need to print color-coded file folder labels? Yes No
A) If so, do you currently use a third-party software package for this? Which one?
11. Do you need to do a regular census of boxed or filed physical records (using the portable barcode reader)? Yes No
12.Do you have a retention schedule? Yes No
A) If so, do you manage the retention lifecycle of your records by retention codes? Yes No
13. Do you have series codes? Yes No
A) If so, do you manage the retention lifecycle of your records by series codes? Yes No
14. Do you have a Business Classification System (BCS) or Taxonomy? Yes No
15. Do you use file titles to classify the file folders? Yes No
A) If so, how many levels of file title do you use?
B) Are these file title levels hierarchical? Yes No
16. Do you manage the lifecycle of records via a file plan (Multiple Record Categories)? Yes No
17. Do you use 'intelligent' file folder numbers, e.g., AB/27/2005? Yes No
A) If so, please provide an example.
B) If possible, please briefly explain how they work.
18. Do you use generated sequential file folder numbers, e.g., 2005/000213? Yes No
A) If so, please provide an example.
19. Is archive box management and tracking part of your requirements? Yes No
A) If so, how many boxes do you have?
B) And, are your boxes managed onsite, offsite or both?
20. Is correspondence management a key part of your requirement? Yes No
A) If so, how many electronic documents would you create and modify per day?
21. Is document imaging part of your requirement? Yes No
A) If so, how many documents/pages on average do you need to scan per day?
22. How many users do you have that will need to access the system?
A) Can you please split these into heavy duty and inquiry users, how many of each? Heavy Duty
23. Are your users geographically distributed? Yes No
A) Are they all supported over a WAN or do you need to support them over the Internet or your Intranet?
24. Is Workflow/Business Process Management a key part of your requirements (e.g., in order to manage correspondence). Yes No
25. Is complaints management or help desk part of your requirements? Yes No
26. Is email management part of your requirements? Yes No
A) If so, how many mailboxes do you need to manage?
B) Which email servers do you use (e.g., Exchange, GroupWise, Domino)?
27. Do you have an existing Records Management system to convert from? Yes No
A) If so, is it manual or computerized?
B) If it is a computerized system, what is its name (e.g., RecFind)?
28. Which descriptions below apply to your operation:
Physical Records Management (File folders, paper, archive boxes, etc)
Electronic Document Management (Managing Word, Excel, PowerPoint files etc)
Imaging (Scanning, indexing and saving incoming paper documents)
Email Management (Capturing, indexing and saving emails)
Workflow (Managing the processes associated with correspondence)
29. What would you regard as the biggest issue or most critical problem you hope to solve with a new system? (E.g., 'Lost files, 'Compliance', etc). Please explain.
30. Do you need to integrate to one or more 'other' systems (e.g., SharePoint)? If so, can you please provide a brief explanation? For Example, do you want to extract information from our product and export it to another product or, do you want to extract information from another product and import it into our product? Yes No
31. Do you have a requirement for outside agencies/organizations to connect to our system in a secure, collaborative manner? That is, is it a requirement for other users from other organizations to connect to and use our system? Yes No


1. Are there any issues that concern you with the current use of our products? Anything that doesnít work the way you would like it to work or problems of any kind?

Please list them:
2. Are there any features or capabilities you need that we donít provide?

Please list them:


Please list the Knowledgeone Corp Services you make use of:

Use the following links for a detailed explanation of each service:



1-800 Incident Support
Free support via the website
On-site Installation support
GoToAssist On-site Support (via the Internet)
Automatic Software Upgrades (ASU)
Service Packs (from the website)
Health Checks (regular on-site analysis of your installation)
Project Management
Knowledgebase (on the website)
User Forum (on the website)
Are there any other services you would like us to provide that we currently do not provide? Please list: