Using RecFind 6ís GEM module to automatically capture & classify all emails

Most of our customers probably donít realize that we run our company with RecFind 6. It is our CRM, our Help Desk system, our training management system, our project management system, our leave management system, etc., etc.

The product that makes most of this possible is GEM our email management and archiving tool. Right now every incoming and outgoing email is automatically captured direct from our Exchange email server, analysed and then attached to the correct customer profile in our CRM (RecFind 6).

Without GEM our CRM (our database of all customer information) wouldnít be complete or up-to-date. There is no way I can expect each and every one of my employees to manually attach every customer email they send and receive; I donít have perfect employees and I donít think you do either. My staff also travel a lot and spend a great deal of their time on customer sites so it is just not possible for them to analyse and then attach every email they send or receive; there are only 24 hours in a day and customer work always gets precedence over administrative work.

Now when I need to communicate with a customer I first look up their account in our CRM and check all previous notes of phone calls and meetings, emails, quotes, activities, support calls, etc. With RecFind 6, I have a single entry point into all information about my customers and the most valuable source of information is the email trail.

We have been using GEM for many years so we have a very complete history of the email communication between us and our customers. You have to remember that in this day and age, emails represent greater than 80% of all business to business communications. If you donít have a ready and instant access to emails then you do not have a history you can rely on.

We couldnít run our business without GEM and I have no idea how other organizations (especially those servicing clients) manage without a tool like GEM; it is a mystery to me.

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