Why upgrading to RecFind 6 is the smart choice

If you are currently running an old version of RecFind (3.0, 3.2, 4.0, 5.0, etc.) you are running old and decommissioned software that is likely not compatible with your next hardware or software upgrade. You need to remove this risk to your corporate data as soon as possible.

It is time to consider upgrading your old RecFind (even though it has served you faithfully for many years) to the latest technology version of RecFind, RecFind 6.

You should choose Knowledgeone Corporation to manage your upgrade to RecFind 6 because:

      No other company can convert your old RecFind data better than us

No company knows RecFind better than the company that designed and built it. No other company knows better than us how to convert your RecFind data and business processes. No other company can convert your data and processes faster than us, better than us or at a lower cost.

      No other company can roll out a new product at a lower cost than us

No company can convert, install, configure and train faster than us or at a lower cost than us. We will have you up and running in weeks or a month whereas the others will take many months or years. The proven Knowledgeone Corporation upgrade process will always be your lowest cost and least disruptive path to a modern, fully featured EDRMS or Enterprise Content Management system.

      The upgrade process is a proven success; benefit from the experiences of others

Please click on this link and read just a few testimonials from customers that have successfully upgraded from old versions of RecFind. Testimonials.

The next step?

Get a free review of your upgrade processes and costs

Please contact us and ask for a free and obligation-free review of your upgrade situation. One of our experienced consultants will contact you and work out exactly what will be involved in upgrading you to the latest version of RecFind. Please click here.

Please ask the question, you have nothing to lose and will gain valuable knowledge in return.