Knowledgeone Corporation is a long-established, highly flexible and easy-to-do-business-with software development and service company that began life as GMB Solutions in April 1984.

The original company name GMB came from the initials of the three original partners being Gillett, McKenna, and Bachmann. Mr. Frank McKenna is the founder and is now the only one of the original three still involved with the company. He is the Managing Director and CEO of the Australian company and the President and CEO of the US Company.

GMB Solutions became GMB Research & Development in January 1985 and was renamed as Knowledgeone Corporation in August 2005 as part of a major re-branding exercise.

Knowledgeone Corporation is a privately-owned software development company, dedicated to the provision of quality software and support services. We are equally dedicated to the on-going development and improvement of our products and to ensuring that our customers are able to take full advantage of today's and tomorrow's technology.

We are best known for the rich-functionality, scalability, flexibility and robustness of our products.

Our applications have extensive functionality (much more than any one customer ever uses) and are highly configurable by the customer without ever requiring source code changes. Whereas customers all over the world use RecFind 6 to solve many different problems every single customer works with the standard product.

This ultimate product configurability also applies to terminology and languages. RecFind 6 is multi-lingual and supports any language. Any customer can configure the language and terminology of RecFind 6 to its specific requirements and still receive standard updates and new releases.

With the RecFind 6 application suite we have created a new genre of product, a generic application system able to run multiple applications simultaneously. The configurability of RecFind 6 makes it easy for our customers to create multiple application solutions from a single, cost-effective copy of RecFind 6.

Our software and services have been designed to satisfy the needs of the following general application areas; Knowledge Management (KMS), Records Management (RMS), Electronic Records and Document Management (EDRMS), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Email Management, Email Archiving, Workflow, Document Imaging, Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Contract Management, Medical Records Management, Digital Asset Management and almost any information management application. RecFind 6 can also be described as a generic application solution or .NET rapid application development system.

Knowledgeone Corporation serves thousands of customers worldwide and its products are installed in organizations in virtually every industry segment, including local government, state government, federal government, defense, health, law enforcement, education, manufacturing, distribution, utilities, not-for-profit, banking and finance.

Knowledgeone Corporation has its North American headquarters in San Diego, USA and Australasian headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

Knowledgeone Corporation has ongoing relationships with most major vendors and specific development partnerships with Microsoft and IBM. These partnerships are extremely important because they allow Knowledgeone Corporation to be knowledgeable and experienced in the latest releases, technologies, databases and operating systems and to partner with IBM Cloud in providing SaaS solutions.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world or how large or small your organization is; we look forward to providing a tailored solution for you.

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