Don't take our word for it...here's what our customers have to say..

Feedback from: Linda, Records Manager at a large state government agency,

"All is well here and RecFind is running smoothy as it always has😊 itís the only system I have ever known to have 100% uptime😊 "

Feedback from: Sarah, Retail Banking Services Administrator at a large Australian Bank

"Your support staff are awesome. They are so quick to help, very courteous and knowledgeable. Out of all the vendors I deal with, I put Knowledgeone on the top in regards to reliability "

Feedback from: Lyndal, Information Officer at a large Australian University

"RecFind 6 is working well. We have quite a lot of staff who are now regularly using the RecFind 6 Button, and they find it a quick and easy way to capture their records. Your Support Manager, Jonathan Scowen recently assisted us with importing the latest General Retention and Disposal Schedule. This was completed without any interruption to our Users which was greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jonathan "

Feedback from: Robyn, the Hinchinbrook Shire Council, Qld, Australia

"We have been using RecFind 6 since April 2012 and the system is working great. As records manager, I really appreciate the ability of carrying out maintenance to a group of records rather than one at a time, e.g. changing the location of a group of records. The new version has been very well received by the users, particularly those who have been using RecFind since 1996. Congratulations on RecFind 6 Ė so much more superior than RecFind 5."

Feedback from: Linda, Department for Correctional Services, SA, Australia

"The Department for Correctional Services had been using RecFind 4 for a long time as an electronic library catalogue. It was well overdue for an upgrade and from the first contact I made with Knowledgeone, the process of procurement to configuration to implementation of RecFind 6 was seamless and professional. The on-site consultation by Knowledgeone consultants was key to the success of what easily could have been a daunting project. We now have the opportunity to expand our use of the product and make our Records Management processes more efficient and reduce several identified risks. Thank you Knowledgeone."

Feedback from: Elizabeth, Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust, NSW, Australia

"Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust contacted Knowledgeone to provide RecFind 6. From the time of first contact right through to the final day of training, the process was absolutely straight forward with all our requests being understood and every requirement being met. RecFind 6 will make a huge difference to the way records are managed both onsite and offsite. The patience of the Knowledgeone team whilst working with us has been appreciated. The benefits of this system are about to be revealed with further benefits to be uncovered! Thanks RecFind 6."

Feedback from: Barbara, Records Manager at Clermont County, Ohio, USA

"I never imagined that when my CIO asked me to develop, implement and maintain an electronic records management program that I would have the ability to place information right in someoneís hip pocket. Thank you. Talk about placing a feather in my cap! 

RecFind 6 is what our customers want. They love the ability to access their information anytime they need it. It really is their information. They just send the physical medium to our records center because they canít feasibly manage the volume. We transition the physical records to electronic records and give it right back. What an exchange! 

The K1 to RecFind 6 conversion was everything you said it would be. I appreciate you making it happen and Iím speaking for all of our administration. My boss is now the County Administrator and he is very pleased that we were able to go with RecFind 6 because it is a superior information management system. 

I do have a neat story for you. We had a tornado in early March. It wiped out almost an entire community and caused mass destruction across the lower portion of our county. All Building Inspection and Plumbing Permits were readily available in RecFind 6 so the inspectors could access pertinent information out in the field versus being at their desktops. The Chief Building Inspector and Administration were quite pleased with that aspect. Now that they know we can send that same information to their mobile devices, they all want it! 

Another note to pass along is that RecFind 6 is so easy to use. All our end users picked right up on the new application and most of them logged in and accessed their files, boxes and images even before we released the training documentation to them. Also, we have a new employee and he wanted me to express to you just how easy this database is to work in. He loves it and so does our other staff.  

Again, thank you for sending RecFind 6 to us. I know I was reluctant to move forward because I was so spoiled to K1. You said RecFind 6 was really K2 and you were correct. I absolutely without hesitation believe that we have the most elite information management system in RecFind 6. This makes my job so much easier. "

Feedback from: Paul, Waratah Wynyard Council, Tasmania, Australia

"Our implementation of RecFind 6 has gone extremely well. I have been very happy with the cooperation and support provided through implementation and training. Staff have been impressed with the ease of use of the system and are really excited about the opportunities for business improvement. "

Feedback from: Christine, Alberta College of Pharmacists, Edmonton, Canada

"We recently held a CANRUG (March 1, 2012) meeting here and asked if Greg Warrilow from K1Corp could provide us with an online demonstration at that time. Not only did he give us the demonstration but he went far and above to do so.

Despite the fact that it was 3:30 a.m. Gregís local time, he was up and very much on the ball. He answered all of our questions with patience and expertise and provided us with suggestions and directions. He also advised us of whatís new with RecFind 6 and explained the additional functions and applications that are now available and how they might help us.

Everyone who attended the meeting was extremely pleased and impressed. Gregís commitment and professionalism is to be commended. His professionalism reflects very highly upon himself, as well as, the company and its values.

Actually, everyone that Iíve had to deal with at K1Corp reflects this same professionalism and commitment. Whenever weíve had a problem K1Corp staff have gone out of their way to help us.

As for the product(s) itself ...Iím extremely pleased. The more I work with RecFind 6 the more I realize how easy it is to; customize, increase its functionality and modify accordingly. All while still meeting all of my RM and ERM requirements. This, combined with K1Corpís aftermarket customer support and staff dedication, is the reason that I would have no problems recommending this product or company. "

Feedback from: Sandy from the Becker Group of Companies, Edmonton, Canada

"Our company upgraded to RecFind 6 in late 2010 and we have been very pleased with the results. The upgrade from 5.1 was relatively smooth and we had no issues. We were able to customize all of our profiles to include only the fields that are relevant to our company. I was able to remove any unnecessary field in the attachments profile so our users are now able to attach emails by clicking on the button and filling in the file number. There was no need to add any more additional information as RecFind 6 does it all for them.

Our company is currently in the process of scanning and attaching all of our documents. With RecFind 6 we can now attach the documents directly to the file rather than having to first create a document profile and then adding the attachments to the profile. This has made searching for documents much easier as it means we can access them in one to two clicks instead of three or four. Since we upgraded to RecFind 6 version 2.4 we have even been able to view all of our documents in thumbnail format so we can tell at a glance if the document is the one we are looking for without having to open it.

Searching for all information has been made so much easier with RecFind 6. We now can click on the top of any title and search by that criteria. If we want to search by file number numerically, for example, we simply double click that header and it sorts by file number. If we choose to search by our ďTitle 2Ē row we can simply double click on that header and it sorts it alphabetically.

With RecFind 6 our records are easier to manage than ever."

Feedback from: Vic Forests Students on a RecFind 6 training course

"RecFind 6 is highly customisable and very powerful in terms of a EDRMS package." "Greg is a great presenter. " "Greg is an excellent teacher, everything was explained well. " "Enjoyed all aspects of the course. "

Feedback from: Fiona, Local Government Association of Tasmania about RecFind 6 support

"I just wanted to let you know how helpful I have found your help desk staff with my RecFind 6 enquiries. They have been patient in going through any problems I have encountered and are happy to help."

Feedback from: Andrea, Waratah-Wynyard Council, Tasmania about RecFind 6 support

"I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that the fixes worked and all is well on the Western front. Thanks so much for all your help. Can you please thank Michael, Linda and Greg. You are a fantastic team of people."

Feedback from: Sue-Ann, Corporate Records Manager for the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) of Victoria about RecFind 6

"We chose RecFind 6 because of its ease-of-use, streamlined document capture capabilities and high degree of configurability."

Feedback from: Ashley from the NSW (Australia) Department of Health about RecFind 6 and their Immunisation Image Library solution

"The Knowledgeone RecFind system greatly exceeds the requirements we specified in our RFQ for scanning and data entry services. The system allows a level of searching, viewing, editing and reporting unlike other systems that we have seen to date, and beyond the expectations we had for this project. The simple fact that your system provides a screen view of the immunisation record alongside the captured data not only improves our processes but is, in my opinion, the perfect solution for the electronic capture of information from hard copy health records. The system modifications, support and training you have provided to date have extended our ability to interrogate the data, perform quality assurance and understand the workings of RecFind in a very short period of time."

"While there is still a lot of work to do, I am very excited about further exploring the extended functionality you can provide through RecFind and look forward to working with Knowledgeone in the future."

Feedback from: Jeannette from the NSW (Australia) Nurses Association (Union) about our support for RecFind 6

"I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that since NSWNA has commenced using RecFind 6 your Help Desk Team have been absolutely fantastic and VERY patient.

It is because of their willingness and knowledge that NSWNA has progressed with using the new version.

Personally, I was very nervous about the conversion, but have found I have been pleasantly surprised by the numerous changes that have been made to improve the processes. I have also received a number of positive comments from staff.

While there are obviously some really difficult areas in the DRM your Team takes the time to talk you through the procedure, if not live streaming and doing it for you."

Feedback from: Linda from the Alberta (Canada) College of Pharmacists about our support for RecFind

"I must say that it has been a great pleasure working with Greg and Michael from K1Corp. The service that I have received from Michael in support has been superb. Not only does he respond quickly, his patience and perseverance keep us up and running. He is certainly a great steward for K1Corp."

"And you know how much we love Greg (from training) up here. There is no question he cannot find an answer for!"

Feedback from: Chris of Macedon Ranges Shire Council about Knowledgeone Corporation's support

"This isn't the first time I have received first class support from Knowledgeone Corp. I deal with a lot of vendors and I was so impressed with the expert solutions and professional service I received from Linda and Michael. Its unusual to find this level of service because it is not easy. It takes extra effort and that's what I appreciate the most."

"Thank you so much for your help - I think this is the best response I have ever had from anyone - screen shots and concise instructions - you are the man - brilliant - I am very grateful for your expert help."

"I am so grateful to you for your wonderful service. Again, thank you for your first class service and support - you're brilliant!."

Feedback from: Justine of the Wyndham City Council about Knowledgeone Corporation's support

"Just a brief note to say thanks for helping me out on Friday night with our conversion issues. Thanks so much for staying back. Your helpful manner was much appreciated."

Feedback from: Kelly of the University of the Sunshine Coast about Knowledgeone Corporation's support

"We wish to convey our appreciation for the assistance provided by Greg during our live conversion to RecFind 6. Greg's exceptional knowledge of the RecFind product combined with his IT skills and records management knowledge made him an essential addition to our team in executing the RecFind 6 upgrade."

"RecFind 6 has allowed us much more flexibility to tailor the system to suit the University's needs."

"RecFind 6 has much improved searching and reporting functions (over RecFind 5)."

"RecFind 6 allows you to manoeuvre through the processes without closing out of screens or switching between screens."

"Colorbar labelling has made the physical file creation process a lot more efficient."

Feedback from: John of Bombala Council about Knowledgeone Corporation's support

"I would like to particularly commend Michael for his responsiveness. The entire support team has been very quick in responding to our problems. I wish our other IT providers would give the same level of support as you guys have. Well done!!"

Feedback from: Melanie of Teachers Credit Union about Knowledgeone Corporation's support and RecFind 6

"All good comments from our end. Some comments from other staff - "We can now accurately track and locate documentation" and "RecFind 6 is very user friendly and will reduce the time it takes to complete an audit""

Feedback from: Gulay of Wyndham City Council about Knowledgeone Corporation's support

"The importing of Building boxes is easy to use and working just fine. I just wanted to say a big thankyou for all your help with this. I appreciate your efforts."

Feedback from: A. Courtney about Knowledgeone Corporation's support

"Thanks so much again for all your help. You guys have the best support I've ever come across in any IT company. And that's saying something because I was in IT for a long time before I moved to Tasmania and went into records."

Feedback from: A. Courtney about Knowledgeone K1

"All the managers are happy (some extremely so) with the product.

The users are stoked at how easy it is to use and learn. The secretaries are logging their documents flat out because after they'd done a few they said it's just so easy to use.

So I can't thank you guys enough for all the support that you've given me/our site. I know you've gone over and above your calls of duty for us and I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate it (well I do anyway). It's paid off in spades. So from the bottom of this little ladies heart - thank you, thank you, thank you. You're worth your weight in gold"!!

Feedback from: B. Brown

"We use K1 and the wonderful Clone feature to consistently process incoming records for thirty-seven departments at an extremely productive rate".

"I can see K1 as being able to assist our County with managing information within our Human Resources, Help Desk and Countywide Email systems. Since I have built the records management personality of K1, I would like to build a Human Resources database within K1 so our Human Resources department can eventually become paperless while at the same time being able to work more efficiently. Also, we have an ever increasing problem with our users not managing their email accounts because they say they donít know how to determine retention. This is where I believe K1 can help our users within classifying emails so we can manage that information better. We have new legislation here in the US, House Bill 9 and E-Discovery that will be forcing local governments into better records management practices. It isnít just about managing the paper records anymore, it is about managing information. We do have a help desk that does have a system for processing their requests, but it is quite generic and I know K1 would streamline their processes".

"Training is an ease with K1. I walked through the manual one time with each user for the search function and that was all it took. K1 is so easy to use that the end users didnít need to even reference the manual after that for search and retrieval of their vouchers".

Feedback from: N. Prins

"I would also like to thank the support team for their excellent support over the last year or so when I've been the main departmental contact. I have been really pleased with the promptness and helpfulness of the email support".

Feedback on K1 Corp Training - Which topics did you find most useful?

Feedback from: J. Anson

"All, because I knew nothing - great to be able to access documents etc, easily".

Feedback from: C. Rootsey

"Workflow, Indexing because we arenít using it properly + HSSM RecScan".

Feedback from: E. Francis

"Resubmitting, file maintenance & global searching, as I wasnít fully aware what these functions did and how they could make my job easier."

Feedback from:  L. Brennan

"There was no particular topic as RecFind is a new concept to me: the coverage of the training however was most useful and delivered extremely well".

Feedback from: Anon

"Every topic covered in RecFind, I found to be most useful. I was looking forward to learning Reporting & Audit Trail and I am quite pleased with the knowledge gained".


What did you enjoy most about the training?

Feedback from: M. Buckely

"Hands on, you do what you are learning straight away".

Feedback from: J. Mooney

"Opened my eyes as to how much RecFind is capable of and more uses than I knew about".

Feedback from: Anon

"It was a lively & energetic presentation. I learnt new features of RecFind EDM and some shortcuts to use to make using RecFind more efficient".

Feedback from: T. Schneider

"Great presenter. Direct and to the point and kept things moving along well".

Feedback from: L. Brennan

"Greg motivated the attendees (including myself) to make changes at our company through the delivery of the training and increased our understanding of what changes can benefit the business. Gregís delivery also made the topics enjoyable and the course (RecFind Administrator) was easy to follow".