Press Release


March 30th, 2012


For immediate Release.


The RecFind 6 Web Service Software Development Kit (SDK)

Knowledgeone Corporation announces the release of a new Web Services SDK for the RecFind 6 product suite.  The SDK is a new product that will literally open the RecFind 6 ‘door’ for all of our customers and partners needing to integrate to RecFind 6. The new Web Services SDK provides an array of methods that allow our customers and partners to extend and personalize the already impressive functionality of RecFind 6. The functionality of the SDK makes it easy for customers and partners to perform such operations as adding, modifying, deleting records, uploading and downloading electronic documents, retrieving lists of records using searches, and more - all while conforming to RecFind 6’s advanced security system. 

Using the new SDK, our customers and partners will be able to:

Interacting with the SDK can be done using any modern language - .NET, java, C++, or even Apps for smart phones and tablets. This is the main advantage of a Web Services API; it provides access to almost any application environment or development language and facilitates thin-client, browser-resident extensions to RecFind 6. For example, the new SDK can be used to integrate iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android phone and tablet applications to RecFind 6.

Frank McKenna, Knowledgeone Corporation’s CEO, said, “The new SDK is the last piece in the RecFind 6 puzzle. RecFind 6 now includes all the functionality and all the tools any customer or partner may need to solve literally any Information Management problem. The already impressive functionality, configurability and scalability of RecFind 6 have now been significantly extended. The RecFind 6 product suite is now the equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife for any CIO needing a ‘can-do-all’ heavy-duty, scalable and secure application solution product.

Frank McKenna, CEO Knowledgeone Corporation