New RecFind 6 Portable Barcode Reader

We are pleased to announce that in partnership with Zebra, we have developed a new portable barcode reader for RecFind 6 based on the Zebra TC51/TC56 Touch Computer.

The TC51 will replace the Datalogic Memor for those customers where the ‘end-of-life’ Microsoft CE OS is no longer supported. Please see our previous email on this matter: The need to replace your Datalogic Memor

Note: If your organization still allows the Microsoft CE OS, then there is no need to move to the TC51.

The TC51 App written by us runs under Android version 7.1 to 9.0.

Purchasing Hardware and Software License (Activation Key)

You should purchase the TC51 Touch Computer direct from your nearest Zebra dealer.

You should download the RecFind 6 TC51 program from the Android Play Store. You can do this on the TC51. Then install it.

Then contact K1Corp, providing your TC51 serial number, to order the Activation Key. The fee for the Activation Key is $300.

Note: The serial number will be shown when you install our App, or it can be found behind the battery or in Settings/About Phone/Status.

Best Regards,
Frank McKenna | Knowledgeone Corporation +61 2 8913 9301
CEO & Sales & Marketing Director
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