The DRM is the main tool for the Administrator to make changes to RecFind 6. It can be used to add, modify or delete tables and fields (changing the Data Model) without programming or ‘expert’ knowledge of SQL.

It can also be used to add, modify and delete RecFind 6 or K1 processes, e.g., stored procedures, scheduled tasks, filters, etc. It is how you modify and add new logic (business processes) to RecFind 6.

In RecFind 6 the DRM can be used to specify different ‘views’. This means that users only see the captions that make sense to them and fields that they need to see. You can also easily and quickly add new languages (RecFind 6 is fully multi-lingual, able to support multiple languages concurrently) and you can use it to create and manage the security system.

It is also the tool for taking backups (without having to understand how SQL backups actually work), for tracking and managing online users and for re-indexing all captured electronic documents in the event of a system failure (the indexing of all electronic documents is done automatically by RecFind 6 as you add them to the database).

And finally, the DRM is where you synchronize the RecFind 6 user list with Active Directory (Active Directory Integration).

Key Features & Benefits

  • Add, modify or delete tables and fields without 'expert' knowledge of SQL.
  • Empowers the customer as you are no longer dependent upon the vendor, you can make any changes you like (data model or business processes) quickly and easily at any time at minimal cost.
  • DRM is shipped free of charge with every copy of RecFind 6.

Business Solutions

  • Configuration Tool