RecFind 6 Mini-API - Integrate any application to RecFind 6


The RecFind 6 Mini-API creates links from an existing application to any object stored within RecFind's data repository.

Any 'object' means any file folder profile, any document profile, any box profile and any electronic object or image stored in RecFind 6. It allows other applications to talk directly to RecFind 6 and request RecFind to expose (i.e., display for viewing in the browser window) any object in RecFind.

It is a way to 'image-enable' any other application using RecFind to capture and store all required electronic documents and images. It is also a way to access and view the Metadata of physical documents/containers such as paper, file folders and archive boxes where that Metadata is stored in RecFind.

Software applications that you can integrate to RecFind using the RecFind 6 Mini-API;

  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • Property Management
  • Council Rates
  • CAD
  • Human Resources

Please click here to request more information on using the Mini-API for RecFind 6 to solve your information management problem

Key Features & Benefits

  • Low cost integration tool.
  • Utilize RecFind's ECM and imaging features with other applications.
  • Maintain objects and images in an inviolate state so they cannot be altered or deleted.
  • Store and Manage an infinite amount of objects and images in the RecFind database.
  • Save money on roll out and workstation maintenance costs as there is nothing to install or maintain on the userís workstation (other than a browser).

Business Solutions

  • Application Integration