With Xchange you can import data from any source in virtually any format (e.g., SQL, Oracle, CSV, Excel, Txt, FoxPro, MySQL, InterBase, DB2, SyBase, Access, PostgreSQL, Paradox, AS/400, Pervasive, etc) and export data in industry standard XML format (suitable for importing/processing by any other application).


Xchange is also the object-level API for RecFind 6 allowing these products to dynamically exchange data with virtually any other application system. For the automatic exchange of data between RecFind 6 and another application you first define and save a format in Xchange and then schedule Xchange to run under Windows Scheduler.

Because you are working at the object level and not at a low level API level, your integration application is protected against changes in the RecFind API providing you with the most stable integration platform.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ability to handle complex multi-table relationships in a single pass.
  • Populate any RecFind 6 table using Xchange and you can export any RecFind 6 table using Xchange.
  • Automatically export data to another application or import data from another application.
  • Xchange is shipped free of charge with every copy of RecFind 6.

Business Solutions

  • Import/Export Data Application
  • Integration Application

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